1 – The Manitoulin Expositor Salmon Classic 2018 (M.E.S.C. 2018) will span the 4 weeks from 12:01am Saturday, July 28, 2018 to 12 noon on Sunday, August 26, 2018.

2 – Anglers who are participating in the M.E.S.C. 2018 are limited to fishing within the territorial waters of Manitoulin Island and its adjacent, surrounding islands. Territorial waters in this instance is defined as

  • Northeast – Western tip of Phillip Edward Island;
  • Southeast – Southeastern tip of Fitzwilliam Island;
  • Southwest – Southwestern tip of Cockburn Island;
  • Northwest – The mouth of the Mississagi River;
  • North – The North Channel up to and including the North Shore;
  • South – Great Duck Island and/or 15kms from Manitoulin Island

Manitoulin Island streams, rivers, and inland lakes are also included in the area able to be fished for the purpose of participation in the M.E.S.C. 2018.

3 – To enter and participate in the M.E.S.C. 2018

A registration ticket must be purchased at a cost of $65 for Adult and $35 for Youth. Youth ticket holders must be accompanied by an immediate family member (parents, guardian or grandparents) who holds an adult entry into MESC 2018. Tickets may be purchased through the website,, or in person in Little Current at The Manitoulin Expositor office or in Gore Bay at the Manitoulin West Recorder office and at other select outlets. Tickets purchased during the four weeks of the M.E.S.C. 2018 are not valid on the day of purchase, a M.E.S.C. 2018 registration ticket becomes valid the day after it is purchased. An exemption to this rule is charter boat clients; charter boat clients may purchase their tickets the day of fishing on an authorized charter boat from it’s captain before leaving dock. Registered participants in M.E.S.C. 2018 fishing from boats must be able to guarantee that all other anglers fishing from their boat, regardless of age, are entered in M.E.S.C. 2018 and be eligible to enter fish in M.E.S.C. 2018.

4 – Success in the M.E.S.C. 2018 is defined as being achieved when an angler;

  • is fishing with a valid Ontario fishing licence, if required to hold one
  • holds a valid M.E.S.C. 2018 registration ticket
  • is abiding by the Regulations of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, the Fisheries Act, The Department of Transport “Small Boat Safety Regulations,” and the Rules and Regulations of the Manitoulin Expositor Salmon Classic 2018
  • is abiding by the Invasive Species Act in accordance with the rules and regulations as found in the Ontario Fishing Regulation and Rules Summary.
  • We sincerely hope everyone feels gratified by spending time on or by the waters of our beautiful Manitoulin Island. The organizers of the M.E.S.C. 2018 will consider this as our success.

5 – Prize Structure for the M.E.S.C. 2018 (Total Prize Money Awarded – $30,000)

  • Grand Prize Heaviest Salmon – $12,000
  • 2nd Heaviest Salmon – $4,000
  • 3rd Heaviest Salmon – $2,000
  • 4th Heaviest Salmon- $1,000
  • 5th Heaviest Salmon – $500
  • First Week Heaviest Fish (salmon or trout) – $1,000 (1 weeks X $1,000 = $1,000)
  • Heaviest Trout – $2,500
  • Daily Heaviest Fish (salmon or trout), $200 per day (30 days X $2100 = $6,000)
  • Can you out-fish Dave? – $500
  • Heaviest Fish (salmon or trout) Youth 14 years of age or under – $500

In the event of a tie, prizes in question will be awarded on the basis of the earliest fish entered. There may be other prizes awarded at any other time determined by the M.E.S.C. 2018.

6 – Terms of understanding for collecting a prize in the M.E.S.C. 2018.

  1. All participants agree, upon winning a major prize, that they will if requested submit to validity tests and sign an affidavit confirming the fact that their fish was caught within the rules of the contest.
  2. Participants agree that the organizers may, at their discretion, hold any fish for biological examination and testing. Therefore, any related prizes will not be released until such testing is completed.
  3. Any participant guilty of an infraction of the rules will be disqualified from the contest, banned from all future M.E.S.C. events, and any prizes will be forfeited.
  4. Prizes not picked up by October 31, 2018, will become the property of M.E.S.C.

7 – Entering your fish

  1. All fish must be weighed at an official M.E.S.C. 2018 weigh-in station by the attendant of that station. All participants entering a fish will sign and date the official entry book at the end of the weigh-in. By signing the official entry book you are stating that you agree with all the registration information regarding yourself and the fish you are entering (ie. species, weight) that is shown in the official entry book. A printed receipt will be issued for each fish entered.
  2. During the course of the M.E.S.C. 2018 a leaderboard will be maintained and updated when new prize-winning weights are recorded at the weigh-in stations. Because the leading weights are readily available the organizers of M.E.S.C. 2018 would like to encourage the practice of catch and release for fish that would not be in contention for a prize.
  3. The waters surrounding Manitoulin and the islands provide the angler with clean water and edible game fish. Any angler found guilty of wasting his catch will be disqualified from the M.E.S.C. 2018 and banned from all future M.E.S.C. events. Any angler disqualified for this reason will have all prizes forfeited.
  4. A fish may be entered only once and will be marked with a hole punched in the gill plate at the weigh-in station. Only fish that have been caught within the last 12 hours and are whole may be entered. Fish with a snag, foul hook, gill net marks, even if taken legitimately by the participant, will not be accepted; nor will fish that have been frozen or are badly deteriorated, washed out and have been dead for a long period of time.

8 – Also to consider   

  1. Each participant in the M.E.S.C. 2018 agrees that the decisions of the officials of the M.E.S.C. 2018 are to be final in all matters concerning M.E.S.C. 2018.
  2. Each participant in the M.E.S.C. 2018 agrees to hold the sponsors, organizers, officials, their agents and employees harmless from any liability of any nature and kind, any injuries and/or damages suffered during or after the period of the M.E.S.C. 2018 by the participant.



  1. $12,000
  2. $4,000
  3. $2,500
  4. $1,000
  5. $500
  6. tba
  7. tba
  8. tba
  9. tba
  10. tba
  11. tba
  12. tba
  13. tba
  14. tba
  15. tba
  16. tba
  17. tba
  18. tba
  19. tba
  20. tba
  21. tba
  22. tba
  23. tba
  24. tba
  25. tba

All Prizes will be handed out on the last day of the Manitoulin Expositor Salmon Classic at the closing ceremony in South Baymouth.



  1. $2,500
  2. tba
  3. tba
  4. tba
  5. tba



  1. $500
  2. tba
  3. tba
  4. tba
  5. tba



  1. Week 1 $1,000

DAILY WINNER – $200 per day


Can you out-fish dave?


Every time MESC Coordinator Dave Patterson goes fishing he will weigh his largest fish if you weigh a fish the same day and it is heavier your name will go into a draw to win $500.

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