Manitoulin Ice Showdown

Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Where can I fish?
    You can fish anywhere you choose within the boundaries of Lake Manitou and Manitowaning Bay. Please refer to derby map for boundaries. Remember NO ICE IS GOOD ICE and participants must exercise extreme caution at all times.
  2. Are there pre-drilled holes?
    Yes, there will be 300 pre-drilled holes at Bayside Resort on Manitowaning Bay ONLY.
  3. Where do I register?
    You can register at one of the official check-in stations on the lake in which you plan to fish for the day. Please refer to derby maps for check-in station locations.
  4. What time is registration?
    Registration opens at 7am at the official check-in stations. You must register before you weigh-in a fish.
  5. What are the fishing times?
    Saturday 8am-4:30pm and Sunday 8am-12:00pm.
  6. Can I set up prior to registration?
    Yes, you may set up prior to registration but you CANNOT start fishing until 8am.
  7. Can I purchase a ticket on site?
    Tickets will be available for purchase until 12pm on Saturday, February 22nd at all 3 official check-in stations on Lake Manitou and at the Bayside Resort check-in station ONLY on Manitowaning Bay.
  8. Can my children attend?
    Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Minors must be paid participants to register fish for prizes.
  9. Can I fish both lakes?
    You can fish both lakes over the weekend of the derby; however, YOU MAY ONLY FISH ONE LAKE PER DAY – the lake that you register at each day is the only lake you can fish for that day.
  10. Do I need a fishing licence?
    If you require a fishing licence under the Ontario Fishing Regulations you must have a fishing licence. Status Cards are accepted.
  11. Can I pre fish?
    The derby lakes are closed to derby participants at 12am Thursday, February 20th, 2020 and derby participants are prohibited from fishing either lake outside of derby fishing times.
  12. Where do I weigh my fish?
    All fish for weigh-in must be brought live into one of the official check-in stations. Frozen fish are ineligible.
  13. Is there public access at Buzwah Fisheries?
    Buzwah Fisheries is private property and there will be absolutely NO public access to the lake through their property. We appreciate your cooperation and respect of our neighbours. Please refer to the derby map for public access points.
  14. Are there rest room facilities?
    All check-in stations will be equipped with porta potties. Please respect the environment and leave no trash or waste on the ice. Leave tracks, not trash!
  15. Do I need to attend the awards presentation to claim a major prize?
    Participants awarded major prizes do not need to be present at the awards presentation but are responsible to claim it, at their own expense, at the Wikwemikong Development Commission at 2102 Wikwemikong Way, Wikwemikong ON.
  16. When will the target weight for Lake Manitou be announced?
    The target weight will be made public, at all check-in stations, as well as through social media at 8am each morning of the derby.
  17. Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?
    Yes, tickets are transferable, however you must notify Wikwemikong Tourism at 705-859-3477 by 4pm on February 20th, 2020. The individual whom you are transferring the ticket to must have the ticket to participate.