Heaviest Salmon

1st … $12,000
2nd … $4,000
3rd … $2,000
4th … $1,000
5th … $500

Heaviest Trout

Rainbow, Brown or Lake

Daily and weekly prizes

Heaviest of the first week … $1,000

Daily Prize


for the heaviest fish each day (salmon or trout). This prize will be available every day of the Salmon Classic for a total of 30 days ($6,000 in total daily prize money)

Can you out fish The Ontario Fishing Guys?


Every time Dave & Bone go fishing during MESC 2019 they will weigh in their heaviest fish (salmon or trout) if you weigh in a heavier fish (salmon or trout) that same day your name will go in a draw for $500. Participants will receive one (1) entry into the draw every time they manage to out fish The Ontario Fishing Guys.

Youth Prize


Youth prize of $500 for the heaviest fish (salmon or trout) caught over the four (4) weeks of the MESC by a child/youth – 14 years and under

4 weeks long!

The Manitoulin Expositor Salmon Classic will start Saturday, July 27th, 2019 and run to Sunday, August 25th, 2019.